What is Osteopathy ?

“Osteopathy is a medical discipline based on manual diagnosis and treatment of loss of movement within the human body. Loss of movement between different tissues of the body results in loss of functioning of the body, thus causing illness.”


Osteopathy is a combination of three things: science, art and technique, much the same way as man is a combination of mind, body and spirit.


It’s science  lies in an in-depth knowledge of the human body, derived from basic medical subjects such as anatomy, physiology, neurology, pathology etc. This knowledge allows us to practice osteopathy safely and to know when a patient should be referred to other medical practitioners.


The art  of Osteopathy lies in understanding the patient one is dealing with. Understanding how to approach him/her in a manner that will restore balance to the body and therefore allow the body to reclaim a healthier state.


Techniques  are the body of Osteopathy. They allow medical science and the artful approach towards a patient to be channeled into a manual treatment that removes the obstacles that impede normal movement.


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